The British Museum / Британский музей

—           Good morning, Sir! May I ask you a question?

—           Of course!

—           I came to London for a few days and would like to visit its most famous museums.

—           Oh, there are very many of them, I think you may start with the British Museum. It is one of the largest and one of my most favourite. It resembles the Pergamon museum in my native town, in Berlin.

—           Then it should be really big!

—           Yes, it is. There a big collection of Egyptian, Greek and Roman arts. The collections are arranged with great care, so everything is clear for the visitor.

—           I will visit this museum. I have also heard a lot about the National Gallery.

—           It situated in Trafalgar Square. It is one of the best picture collections in the world. You can see paintings from almost all over the world there. Some outstanding pictures of Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch masters, for example.

—           Thank you for the information!

—           Have a nice stay in London!