A traditional British public school and an alternative school in the USA / Традиционный британский государственная школа и альтернативная школа в США

Nick: I’d like to go to an alternative school in the USA. They say, there’s no official time-table and you don’t have to go to lessons every day. It sounds great.

Jane: You’ve got point. But I think it would be boring. And you would fall behind with your studies.

Nick: I don’t think so. I would enjoy organizing my own time-table and doing what I want. Better than the traditional school. Having lessons on Saturdays is awful.

Jane: Not really. I often catch up with my work at weekends anyway. And I don t think it is something bad.

Nick: But Saturdays are created for having fun in the free time, not for books and home assignments.

Jane: Maybe. Though I think, there should be always time for studying and having rest afterwards. Don’t you think so?

Nick: In my opinion, if you are a student of the alternative school, you may organize your time for everything you have to do at school and out of it. I don’t like when people tell me what to do. I want to do everything the way I want it to be.

Jane: You just don’t like discipline.

Nick: That’s right. Who does?