Queen Victoria / Королева Виктория

Vicky: Granny, tell me please about Queen Victoria.

Grandma: Oh, Vicky. Queen Victoria was a wonderful lady, person, wife and queen, of course. Although she was not as talented and clever as her predecessor, Queen Elizabeth I. But she had character and a great sense of public duty and responsibility. She was perhaps the best possible monarch in the nineteenth century.

Vicky: Did she have a family of her own?

Grandma: Yes, she was married to the German Prince Consort. His name was Albert. He was very much attentive to the people around him and his vulnerability, probably, shortened his life.

Vicky: I didn’t understand. Did he die? Of what?

Grandma: As Prince Albert was very open to all the people near him, he wanted to help them with any life situation they were in. That’s why his strong heart became weak and he had to leave this world.

Vicky: That is sad. What about the Queen?

Grandma: She was in grief. But her strong character and will power made her step over her grief and rule the country the best she could.

Vicky: What happened to Britain?

Grandma: Britain was the world leader in every sphere of our life. It kept clear of big wars. The people of the 19th century Britain were industrious, wealthy, kind and happy.

Vicky: Like we try to be in our family?

Grandma: You are right, dear. And by the way, the name and personality of Queen Victoria let us call you Victoria, when you were born.

Vicky: Aha, now I know why everyone calls me a princess or a little queen.