Famous London galleries / Известные галереи Лондона

— Excuse me, Sir! How can I get to the Victoria and Albert Museum? I have heard it is the biggest museum in London.

— The museum is right there. It is really big. Among its rooms you may find rooms of different historical periods, the Raphael paintings that belong to the Crown and the best collection of English miniatures of the country.

— I know there is much to see there. I would like to visit the National Gallery as well.

— It is situated in the centre of the city.

— I am interested in European paintings of the 13th century.

— The National Gallery has a magnificent collection of European paintings from the 13th to the 19th century and includes works by Rubens, El Greco, Leonardo da Vinci and many others

— I think I have to read something about these painters and their works before visiting this museum.

— You do not need to. There are many experts in the gallery, who will answer all your questions and even give lectures.

— Great! Then I will start with the National Gallery. I have so many questions to ask!

— The city has many other museums. I wish you an unforgettable stay here.

— Thank you very much!