A Mother-and-Son Talk / Разговор матери и сына

Mom: Jim you aren’t doing well at school, I saw your Maths teacher, Mr. Thomson. He told me that you aren’t even coming to his classes. What’s going on?

Jim: Oh, mom Come on! Let me decide on my own what to do in my life and what not. You know yourself that I’m bad at Maths and I shouldn’t spend my time listening about some crazy numbers and figures.

Mom: Jim, what are you talking about? Don’t you understand that this is the last term at school before you leave it? What are you going to do next?

Jim: Don’t worry, mom. I’ve met some people from a popular group. In fact, they are a top pop group. They taught me how to play and to listen to rock. This is that matters most right now in my life not some Maths teacher.

Mom: Jim, son. This can’t be true. I don’t believe my own ears. What are talking about? Rock music in my house? Never!?!

Jim: Mom, you just have to face the reality. I am what I am. And you won’t change me.

Mom: But why not finish school first with good results and then decide on your future?

Jim: This is my future. My life is in music, not in Maths, or Chemistry or Politics. I want to live the way I’m living now.

Mom: Oh, son! But you were so good at these subjects. I… I…

Jim: Forget about that, mom. I’ve changed my life. Oh, and tomorrow I’m going to have my hair dyed green.