In Belfast / В Белфасте

— Good morning Sir! My name is Yura. I am your new neighbour.

— Nice to meet you, Yura! I am Mr. Rochester. It is your first visit to Belfast?

— Yes, I am going to study at the University. But today I am free and I really do not know what to do.

— There are a lot of places of historical interest in the city.

— I have heard about the Museum and Art Gallery.

— It is situated at Stranmillis Road. It gives a vivid picture of Ulster history geology, and animal life.

— And what can I see in the gallery

— It has a big collection of modern Irish painting. I am sure you will like it.

— Yesterday, when I walked along Witham Street I saw a museum.

— It is the Transport Museum. It has one of the best collections of transport vehicles in Europe. Not far from the museum is one of Belfast’s oldest and most pleasant parks, the Botanic Gardens. Its main features are the tropical greenhouses, and the rosewalks.

— That sounds very interesting! I think I will visit it today.

— Have a nice day!

— Thank you!