Making Plans / Строить планы

Judy: Hey, Alice. I’ve just got an e-mail from Sofia. She is inviting us to the cafe tomorrow to have a chat.

Alice: Has she sent when we are to meet?

Judy: She asked us to reply to her e-mail and say when it is convenient for each of us to meet.

Alice: OK. And why do we meet? Did she tell anything?

Judy: She told we have to meet to talk about the coming party!

Alice: Right. We really need to plan it better this time. Remember what a mess the last party was?

Judy: I sure do. I hope we’ll do much more planning this time.

Alice: That’s why we’re going to meet at the Big Apple’s tomorrow. How does 6.30 sound to you?

Judy: Fine by me.

Alice: It’s OK with me, too. All right I’ll drop a note to Sofia then.

Judy: Thank you for doing that, Alice.

Alice: It’s fun!