Planning a Business Trip / Планирование командировки

Dave: When are you planning to leave for Seattle?

Debbie: I have to be there by the 12th. That’s in two days.

Dave: I see When shall I tell Mr. Franks that you will arrive?

Debbie: Tell him that I plan to be in Seattle by tomorrow afternoon.

Dave: Shall I have Mr. Franks or his secretary make a hotel reservation for you?

Debbie: No need. I made one last week by telephone.

Dave: Do you plan to stay there longer than three days?

Debbie: I don’t think so. I can take care of all the necessary business in three days.

Dave: Well have a safe trip. Don’t get cold of the winds from the ocean.

Debbie: Ok. I’ll take care of that.

Dave: Don’t forget to call me when you arrive.

Debbie: Don’t worry, I won’t. Thank you. Bye.

Dave: Bye.