Meeting a friend after a long time / Встреча с другом после долгого времени

Tom: Hi, Jack! How have you been?

Jack: Oh, hi. I’ve been really great. How are you?

Tom: Pretty good. Come in and have a seat. I’ve not seen much of you lately.

Jack: I’ve been away on holiday.

Tom: Where exactly?

Jack: In Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve got a cousin there.

Tom: Scotland? Where is it? I’ve never known where it is.

Jack: Oh, come on, Tom. Haven’t you ever heard of Scotland as a constituent country of the UK?

Tom: No, seriously. Please, tell me more about it.

Jack: Only if you promise a glass of beer afterwards.

Tom: I promise, two.

Jack: Well, Scotland is a part of the United Kingdom. The UK has four constant countries: England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The UK is a sovereign island and it is washed by the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the Irish Sea and the English Channel.

Tom: Interesting. What have you seen in Scotland?

Jack: As I’ve said, I’ve been to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. My cousin and I went to Edinburgh Festival. We listened to the traditional Scottish music and saw many contemporary artists perform.

Tom: I bet, it was something incredible.

Jack: The festival, the music, and the people in Scotland — everything was amazing! I’ll never forget this wonderful trip. I hope to return there next summer.

Tom: Don’t forget to take me with you. Here is your beer, Jack.

Jack: Thanks. Yes, we have to go there together. You’ll like Scotland.

Tom: If only tomorrow was summer!

Jack: You are funny!