The Jordanian Holiday / Иорданский Праздник

— Hello, Tanya!

— Hello, Dima!

— Listen, Tanya, do you know what the Jordanian Holiday is connected with?

— Yes, I do. This holiday is connected with Christ’s christening.

— I have heard about "the generous evening"

— It takes place on the eve of the holiday. People sing then "the generous songs"

— Kutia? I thought, it is a traditional Christmas dish

— Yes, it is. But people also cook it on the Jordanian Holiday.

— It is very interesting. Does the priest christen the people on this day?

— No, he christens the water. It is the symbol of life and health.

— I think, people believe, this water will protect them during the year.

— Yes, it is a very old tradition.

— Thank you for the interesting information. Now I know more about Ukrainian customs and traditions.

— You are welcome!