The Wars of the Roses / Война алой и белой Розы

— Hello, Tanya!

— Hello, Dima!

— Look, Tanya! I saw an interesting film yesterday. It was connected with the history of Great Britain and with the famous period of civil wars.

— The Wars of the Roses?

— Yes, unfortunately, I do not know much about that period.

— The Wars of the Roses were a vivid expression of the anarchy of the 15th century in England. They started on the background of England’s defeat in the Hundred Years War between England and France.

— I understand, for many nobles and their soldiers any war became a profession. Peaceful life was not for them.

— Exactly. The Wars of the Roses were a dynastic struggle between two most powerful feudal families — the House of Lancaster which had the emblem of the red rose and the House of York with the emblem of the white rose.

— London was filled by armed followers of both parties. I think this period was one of the most interesting times in the history of Great Britain.

— I agree with you.