Washington D.C. History Facts / Вашингтон (округ Колумбия), исторические факты

Margie: Paul, I know that you are fond of history, especially American I have to write a fact file about it for my project in History. Could I ask you a few questions about Washington D.C.?

Paul: Yes, Margie. I’ll be happy to help you. I hope, I know about Washington just enough to help you.

Margie: Oh, Paul. Don’t underestimate yourself. You are keen on everything that has some relation to history.

Paul: All right. All right. What is it that you want to know about D.C.?

Margie: I have to explain why Washington is the city, the capital, the county, and the federal district.

Paul: And as usual, you are starting with the hardest question! Well, if I’m not mistaken, the story goes like this. To begin with, Washington was established in 1790 as the site of the new nation’s permanent capital. Since 1800 the city has served as the seat of federal government.

Margie: That’s interesting. When did it gain the status of the county and the federal district?

Paul: Later, in 1871 the cities of Washington and Georgetown were consolidated with Washington County to become Washington D C.

Margie: So this is how one place got the status of four!

Paul: You are quite right. After the consolidation, Washington was made the city, the capital, the county, and the federal district.

Margie: Good job, Paul! Do you happen to know the total area of the district?

Paul: Margie, it’s about 159 sq km.

Margie: It’s quite big. Well, thank you, Paul, for helping me with the fact file.

Paul: Thank you. I’m happy that I’ve helped you. Later it will be your turn to help me.

Margie: I’ll see to it. Thank you. Bye for now.

Paul: So long.