Cooking hobby / Кулинария как хобби

Shirley: Would you like some cookies? I’ve just made them.

Laura: Thank you. Yes, I would.

Shirley: These are chocolate, and those are cherry-flavored.

Laura: I guess I’ll try a chocolate one, first. Mmm… This is delicious. Are they hard to make?

Shirley: No, they are quite easy. I found the recipe of the cookies in the book called "Cooking Hobby".

Laura: Did you?

Shirley: Exactly. I haven t had any hobby before. But I wanted to learn how to cook. My husband got this book for me. Would you like to see it?

Laura: Yes, please

Shirley: Here it is. You may take it for as long as you want.

Laura: Thank you, dear. When I learn how to cook my first meal. I’ll invite you to taste it.

Shirley: All right. I’ll be round there soon!