A Busy Week / Напряженная неделя

Jane: That ice-show that we wanted to see, dad. It’s on this week in Aberdeen.

Father: Good. Well, we can’t go on Saturday because we are visiting Aunt Margaret. We planned that a long time ago. Let’s go on Friday.

Jane: I’m having tea at Alison’s home on Friday. She invited me yesterday. And on Thursday I’m going to the Youth Club. What about Wednesday?

Father: No, I’m working late on Wednesday because I’m giving a report on Thursday. Have you got any plans for Tuesday?

Jane: On Tuesday we are having a drama practice at school.

Father: And tomorrow I’m going to school. There’s a parents’ evening.

Jane: Oh yes. Well, are you doing anything this evening?

Father: No, I’m not doing anything special.

Jane: Let’s go this evening, then.

Father: Fine, let’s go.