A Conversation with Geoffrey Gilmore / Разговор с Джеффри Гилмор

Reporter: What is a significant challenge facing young filmmakers and the industry as a whole?

G. Gilmore: You could say that the good news is the number of films being made, and the bad news is the number of films being made.

Reporter: What do you mean, Geoffrey?

G. Gilmore: Well, you don’t need a lot of resources now to be able to make a movie with a pretty good production quality. There were always people in the past who made films for $5,000, but not that many. Today, using a good consumer-level camera and a final cut pro program on a computer; you can make a movie with a high level of production quality.

Reporter: Do the creative giants of the past still dominate or has a new generation truly taken hold?

G. Gilmore: The creative giants of the recent past still have an enormous power.

Reporter: There is a sense that there’s been a change in the demographics of the film audience. Is that how you see it?

G. Gilmore: People say that the audience is getting older. That means more diverse and more moral challenging works are going to be permitted. I think the demographics are getting better.

Reporter: And what could you say in the way of summing up?

G. Gilmore: We’ve barely begun to see the impact of digital cinematography and digital filmmaking, and we can expect a lot of visual experimentation. That opens up a whole range of possibilities for storytelling.

Reporter: I see. Thank you Geoffrey, for this conversation.

G. Gilmore: Thank you. Good luck!