An Interview with Jonathon Porritt / Интервью с Джонатаном Поррит

Reporter: Could I ask you please, how did your interest in the environment, and the need to protect it, begin?

J. Porritt: It really all began when I was a teacher. I became more involved in trying to think what the shape of the planet would be like after the year 2000. One of big projects that we did with kids was to look more carefully at the relationship between humankind and the planet.

Reporter: That’s very interesting. I believe children liked all the projects you dirt together, didn’t they?

J. Porritt: They loved the projects. In fact, doing the projects made me read more about ecology. And later, I became increasingly involved in several organizations and eventually ended up with "Friends of the Earth" as a director.

Reporter: I see. When you look into the future, the next thirty years, what changes and developments in the environment do you think we might see?

J. Porritt: It’s very hard to predict. But obviously, the crucial problems we face now are connected with population. They will hit us in the middle of the next century. The overgrowth of the population will result in the misuse of the world’s resources, such as clean air and clean water. The speed we are using oil seems frightening for the Earth future. By producing more and consuming more, we destroy the planet in the process.

Reporter: Are there any ways out of this pessimistic future situation?

J. Porritt: There are many ways, for sure. Taking every positive step depends on the human desire to do something useful, to make the world around greener and brighter. I guess, we have to think clearly that it’s high time the immediate and positive contribution to the planet’s health was made

Reporter: Mr. Porritt, thank you very much indeed.

J. Porritt: It’s been my pleasure.