Meeting New People / Знакомство с новыми людьми

Tom: Alice, meet my cousin Michael. Michael, this is Alice, my girl-friend.

Alice: Hi, Michael. Nice to meet you. How are you?

Michael: Hello, Alice. Nice to meet you, too. I’m doing great. What about you?

Alice: I’m excellent. So where are you from, Michael?

Michael: I’m from Ukraine. I live in Kiev — the capital of Ukraine.

Alice: Oh, what do you do?

Michael: I’m a tourist guide.

Alice: So interesting! Why are you visiting Detroit?

Michael: To improve my English.

Alice: Then, why not come out with us now? We can take you downtown Detroit and you can practice your English at the same time.

Michael: Thank you. I’d love to go with you, guys.

Tom: Sounds like a plan. Ok, come on, get in the car.

Alice: Off we go!