An Interview / Интервью

Robin Knight, the television reporter, is interviewing the young Duchess of Wessex for the programme "The English Teenagers at Home".

Robin: Now, Duchess… tell us about an ordinary day in your life. Duchess: Well, I wake up at seven o’clock. Robin: Really? Do you get up then?

Duchess: No, of course I don’t get up at that time. I have breakfast in bed and then I read "The Times".

Robin: What time do you get up? Duchess: I get up at ten. Robin: What do you do then?

Duchess: I read my letters and dictate the replies to my secretary.

Robin: …and then?

Duchess: At eleven I walk in the garden with Philip.

Robin: Oh? Who’s Philip?

Duchess: Philip’s my dog

Robin: What time do you have lunch?

Duchess: I have lunch at twelve thirty.

Robin: And after lunch.

Duchess: Oh, I rest until six o’clock.

Robin: …and at six? What do you do at six?

Duchess: I dress for dinner. We have dinner at eight o’clock.

Robin: What time do you go to bed?

Duchess: Well, I have a bath at nine thirty, and I go to bed at ten.

Robin: Thank you, Duchess… you certainly have a busy and interesting life.