British holidays and traditions / Британские праздники и традиции

— Hello, Natasha!

— Hello, Marina!

— You look so happy!

— I have just returned from England. You know, there are many interesting and funny traditions there.

— Really? I thought they have the same holidays and traditions as we do.

— Actually, yes, they also celebrate Christmas and Easter. But they have their own interesting holidays and traditions. For example, at Hungerford, on the second Tuesday after Easter the annual Festival "Oranges and Kisses" takes place.

— A funny name for a festival. I wonder what they do on this day.

— The Festival is 600 years old. It starts at 9 a.m. Young man with a sack with oranges go along the streets.

— What do they do?

— They collect money from the men and kisses from the girls. In return they bring good luck and oranges.

— It is really a funny spring holiday! I also heard something about the "leek holiday".

— It takes place on the first of March.

— Why is it connected with vegetables?

— It has nothing to do with vegetables A leek is a kind of vegetable, similar to an onion, and is the national emblem of Wales Each year you can see people walking round London with leeks pinned to heir coats. Many Welsh people show their solidarity on their national day.

— Oh, now I understand. Well, there are really many interesting traditions in Britain. Thank you for information.

— My pleasure!