Ukrainian Canadians / Украинские канадцы

— Hello, Kate!

— Nice to see you, Masha! How did you spend your weekend?

— I searched for new information for my research work in the Internet.

— Did you find something useful?

— The topic of my research is Ukrainian Canadians. I found many Internet sites of Ukrainian Canadians. I even had a possibility to communicate with some of them on-line.

— Did you learn something new?

— I learned a lot of interesting facts. The first Ukrainian who came to Canada was Iwan Pylypow, who arrived in 1891. He organized the first Ukrainian settlement in Canada.

— What about Ukrainians in Canada now. Do they still speak their native language?

— Yes, in some schools it is even taught. But this is the local Canadian Ukrainian dialect, rather than Standard Ukrainian.

— Still I am glad that Ukrainians do not forget their language and culture abroad

— Yes, that’s one of the most important items in my project.