Discussing the film / Обсуждение фильма

Tom: Have you seen the film "The Queen"?

Brian: Yes, I have. I’m still under the influence of this powerful work of contemporary art.

Tom: Right you are. This film deserves to be estimated like this. What did you like the most in it?

Brian: I think the whole film is brilliant: the cast of the actors is perfect; Helen Mirren in her role of HM Elizabeth II is just superb; the muse was well-chosen; and the producers’ work was really hard and rewarding afterwards. What is your best episode in this film?

Tom: What I like in this film is that it is based on the real facts. The video clips from the BBC News programmes in 1996 made the film be a success.

Brian: Yes. the film was shot 10 years after Princess Diana’s death in Paris. The producers took a risky and, like I said, rewarding step to show Britain on those mournful days. The focus was on the Queen and the Royal family, of course.

Tom: If I had a chance to write my own letter of appreciation to the producers of the film, I would do that right away.

Brain: Don’t you have this opportunity? Why don’t we log on the official site of the film: www.theQueen/film and search for a blog like this just create our own one?

Tom: Oh, Brian! As usual, you are generating bright ideas! Where should I buy a wit like yours? Let’s surf the Net.

Brian: Oky-doky!