Happy New Year! / С Новым Годом!

— Happy New Year, Inna!

— Happy New Year, Marina!

— You look so happy!

— I have dreamed a lot about a beautiful golden ring. And my husband presented it to me yesterday! I was so happy!

— Where did you celebrate your holiday? Is it a family holiday for you?

— Well, we celebrated it with our friends first. We organized a party for them. My husband cooks better than me so he laid the table and I decorated the New Year’s Tree.

— What about your parents?

— We visited them on the 1st of January and brought them our presents.

— What about your children? Did they celebrate the holiday with you?

— No, they are too small for that. But they also received their presents from us. And though they are only 1 year old, I hope they understand how much I take care of them.

— Surely they do. Wish you pleasant winter holidays! See you later!

— The same to you! See you!