N. Gogol, a Russian writer / Н. Гоголь, русский писатель

— Hello, Yulya!

— Hello. Sveta! Oh. You have bought a book! What is it about?

— It is "Evenings on a Farm near Dykanka".

— Oh, the Gogol’s famous work! I adore the humor and realism of this book.

— I think, I will like it too. Gogol is my favourite Ukrainian writer.

— Well, actually, he is a Russian writer of Ukrainian origin. He lived for a long time in Russia and wrote there his most famous works

— I know he also lived for some time abroad.

— Yes, he did, but that time was not very productive.

— I have read his book "Dead Souls". It is very interesting. Do you know why Gogol burned the second part of it?

— That happened because of a religious fanatic M. Konstantinovsky. He demanded that Gogol enter a monastery and destroy his art. After that Gogol burn the second part of "Dead Souls", refused all food and died.

— But still, Gogol is recognized as one of the greatest writers of the 19th century.

— I agree with you! Enjoy the book!

— Thank you! See you later!