Taking a Vacation / Взять отпуск

Rob: Did you say you are going to take a vacation next month?

Jenny: Yes, my family and I are going to New York for a week. We want to visit the museums and see some plays Are you going somewhere on your vacation?

Rob: My wife and I are still discussing the vacation options: we may go to Wisconsin, the cheese head state; or we may go to Florida, the orange stare.

Jenny: Is it so difficult to decide where to go? If I were you, I would fly to Florida in no time.

Rob: Well, it’s not so hard to come to an agreement. But my wife’s aunt from Wisconsin has been looking forward to our visit since 2000. And the friends from Florida say we’ve already for gotten them. That’s why we are facing this dilemma.

Jenny: Have you tried dicing your choice?

Rob: No, we haven’t. That’s actually a brilliant idea. I have to tell my wife about it.

Jenny: I hope you can make the right decision for your vacation.

Rob: We have to go on vacation. Well, thank you, Jenny, for the talk. But, I’ve got to run.

Jenny: Thank you. It’s been a pleasure. Have a nice vacation.

Rob: Have a wonderful vacation time, too. Bye!

Jenny: Bye!