The history of Kiev Rus / История Киевской Руси

— Did you know that Kiev Rus was one of the largest and mightiest mediaeval states? Where was it located?

— It stretched from the Carpathian Mountains in the west to the Volga River in the east, from the Black Sea in the south to the White Sea in the north.

— I’ve heard a lot about Igor. When did he come to power?

— He became the ruler after Oleg the Prophetic in 912 and started a new dynasty of the Rurichoviches on the Kiev’s throne.

— And who was the next to rule the country form this dynasty?

— After Igor’s death his wife Olga governed the country on behalf of her son of tender age

— I’ve heard she adopted Christianity in Constantinople and also tried to into relations with the western countries.

— It’s true. The son of Igor and Olga, Svyatoslav the Brave, continued establishing trade relations with Byzantium and Bulgaria. He also conquered the tribes between the Volga and Oka.

— Did he also have a son?

— He had 3-sons — Yaropolk, Oleg and Vladimir. He divided the country among them.

— Vladimir the Great! It was he who christened the country!

— Yes. It raised his authority and made the state more stable and convincing. There is a monument to him in Kiev.

— Thank you for the interesting information! Could we see the monument tomorrow?

— Yes, of course. I will show it to you.