Writing a report on British TV / Написание отчета по британскому ТВ

— Hello, Dima!

— Nice to see you. Olya!

— You are always busy with your reports!

— Yes, this time I am writing a report on British TV. Do you know, Britain was the first to launch TV service!

— Really? And the first company was the BBC?

— Yes, it is still one of the most important companies in Britain.

— I also have heard about the ITV.

— It appeared almost 19 years later in 1955. It is also very popular in Britain.

— I have read, these two companies have much in common.

— Generally speaking, both the BBC and the ITV services provide programmes of music, drama, light entertainment, and films. Among most popular are programmes on the arts, children’s and family programmes, interviews with famous personalities, and news reports.

— They seem very similar to each other.

— Well, there are some differences. The BBC programmes, for example have no advertising.

— That’s great!

— I think, the both companies have a great variety of programmes, so that everyone may choose something to their own taste.

— Tastes differ. But what really unites British people is their love to TV. I know it is a popular hobby in Britain.

— It is true. Most families dedicate more than 4 hours a day to television.

— I think in Ukraine watching TV is a popular hobby as well.

— I agree with you.