The sweetest meat in the world

Once upon a time the snake was king over all the animals. One day he was very hungry, but he did not want to eat his usual food. He decided that he would like to eat the sweetest meat in the world. So he told his servant, the mosquito, to bite all the animals and find which was the most delicious of all.

The mosquito wanted to please the king. He went to the forests and jungles, and bit the bears and the monkeys, the foxes and the tigers. He went to the grasslands and tasted the gazelles and zebras. He tasted the lions and wolves and rabbits. He tasted all the animals, but could not find the meat to please his king. Then he saw a human baby.

The baby was sleeping in the shade of a tree and his mother was cooking food nearby, the mosquito flew down, sat on the baby’s arm and took a small bite. ‘How delicious!’ cried the mosquito, ‘this is what the king wants!’ And he flew away quickly to take the good news to the snake. He did not see that a swallow was flying after him. After some time the mosquito came to the large tree where the snake made his home. "Oh, my King," he said, "I tasted all the animals in the world. I know which is the I sweetest meat of ail. It’s the meat of…"

Just then, the swallow flew down and bit the mosquito’s tongue. "… bzzz, bzzz," continued the mosquito because now he could not speak. This made the snake very angry. How did he know the most delicious meat? The mosquito could not say it. The snake wanted to catch the swallow, but the bird was very quick. The snake could only bite a piece out i of his tail before he flew away.

From that time on the mosquito can only say ‘bzzz’, and the snake and the swallow hate each other.

When a swallow flies, we can see the V in its tail made by the snake. And we remember the day when the swallow saved the human babies. When a swallow makes a nest in your home, you are very lucky indeed.

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