Welcome to the USA

Tour America invites you on a tour of the USA. The USA is a big country — more than  9 and a half million square kilometres. There is a lot you can do and see! And there are a lot of friendly people you can meet. The population is approximately 264,5 million people! There are many nationalities including English, German, Spanish. The capital of the USA is Washington. Visit Washington and see the President’s home and office — the White House.

If you like swimming, sailing or fishing, you are lucky. To the east of the USA is the Atlantic Ocean and to the west is the Pacific Ocean. And there are many big rivers in the USA: the Mississippi, the Colorado and the Saint Lawrence, for example. If you want to relax you can visit the Great Lakes in the north. If you are fit, you can go climbing in the Rocky Mountains. They are more than 4,000 metres high! You can take a tent and cook your meals on a camp-fire. And if you want more, the USA has borders with Canada to the north and with Mexico to the south. Don’t delay. Phone us today for a dream holiday. See you soon in the USA!

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