I love summer

Five years ago my grandparents lived in the village of Smalville in Florida. We visited them every summer. Every day we helped with their farm. They didn’t have a car, but they had a brown horse and a cart. They also had two cows and a very big bull. I wasn’t afraid of him because he was good. He was three years old and was born on the farm. My grandparents had some hens and sheep too and a beautiful dog, Ted, but they didn’t have any cats. Near their house there was a river. My grandad swam but I didn’t because I was too small. We liked the farm. We were very happy there. Last year my grandparents sold their house and some of their ani­mals and moved to a village near Los Angeles. I am glad they didn’t sell their horse or their dog. Last month we visited them. Their new house and village are beautiful. I want to visit them again soon.

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