The British climate

The weather in Britain is always changing and people always complain that the weather forecasters never get it right. But, Britain does not experience extremes — it is never too hot or too cold. In the summer the average temperature is about 24°C, and in the winter it is very unusual for the temperature to fall below -5°C. When it snows, buses, trains and planes are late. Fortunately it doesn’t snow very often except in the highlands of Scotland and the hills in Wales.

It is true that people in Britain often talk about the weather — this is because it is so changeable. People often exaggerate by saying that it’s the worst weather they can remember. Usually in the summer there are at least two or three weeks of good weather. The best weather is normally in July, August and September. Fog in London is very rare. When you see a film, for example of a Sherlock Holmes story, the fog you see is from the factory smoke. Nowadays most British cities are cleaner and this kind of foe is unusual.

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