The changing world of entertainment

Entertainment is always changing. A hundred years ago people went to fairs, listened to people telling stories, and played simple games in their houses. But times change. Even looking back ten years, entertainment has changed a lot. Many people now have TV, go to the cinema and even play computer games.

But these changes have not only affected children, they have also made a big difference to adult entertainment. In fact, age doesn’t matter. If you look at the programmes on TV, most are for adults. Films have a rating system with PG and U films being for children. And computer games are the same.

You might think that what you like changes as you get older. Well, this is certainly true, but adults still enjoy going to places such as the circus they usually take their children with them as an excuse.

No, it’s not age that counts; it’s the increasing variety of entertainment which is making the biggest difference to how we spend our free time.

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