At the English Lesson / На уроке английского языка

I am Anthony Briggs, a student. English is one of the general subjects at our University. We have English classes twice a week. Our group is not large, we are ten. At the lessons we learn to read, to pronounce, to understand and to speak English.

For the classes everybody has a textbook, an exercise book, a dictionary, a bail-point pen and a pencil. Besides, each student has a cassette with English recordings. We have a modern tape-recorder in the classroom, and at home I have a cassette- player.

Usually I sit at the first desk in front of the blackboard. On my right is my friend Andrew. Two student-girls are behind us. The other students sit on our left. We like English, that is why everybody is always present at the lesson. Our teacher speaks English fluently and he has a very good pronunciation.

I have some difficulty with the pronunciation but I have not much difficulty with spelling. The tape-recorder and the cassette-player are of great help to us. Our students are never absent from the English classes and the teacher is pleased with our knowledge.

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