My everyday meals / Мое ежедневное питание

My name is Anya. I study at the university. As I am a student, I do not have much time for my meals. Usually I have two or three meals a day. I often go to bed late at night and then I do not have enough time for breakfast in the morning. Some of my friends do not eat in the morning at all. I prefer not to eat a lot in the morning. I drink tea or coffee and eat sandwiches with butter and cheese, or sometimes jam.

At about 12 o’clock I have a snack. I drink orange juice with pies or eat an apple, My dinner is at three o’clock. There is a canteen at the university and a lot of students and teachers have their dinner there. Here everyone may find something to their taste: soup or borsch for the first course, meat or fish with vegetables for the second course. I usually choose fish soup, fried fish with mashed potatoes, and biscuits with tea. It is usually loud in the canteen at dinner time. Students discuss their student life here and make plans for the evening.

I do not usually have supper. But before going to bed I often drink a glass of warm milk with biscuits or a cup of tea with honey. It helps me sleep well and feel healthy next morning.


a snack — закуска
a canteen — столовая
for the first course — на первое
for the second course — на второе
mashed potatoes — картофельное пюре

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