My school - Моя школа

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All children at the age of six go to school. Schooling is free, universal and compulsory. Children leave school at the age of 17, so school becomes their second home.

On the first of September millions of pupils come back to school after summer holidays to start or continue studies, to meet classmates and teachers. Traditionally the first day at school is a holiday — the Day of Knowledge. On this day the first-formers go on an excursion to get acquainted with the school.

Our school is situated in Nesterov street. It's a large school. Over 1,500 pupils from 6 to 17 attend it. Our school is young. It is only five years old. It was built in 1993 on a special design. A 3-storeyed building consists of two wings: one for primary school and the other for secondary school. They are connected by a large light hall. There we meet our teachers and friends on the first of September and other holidays. Our school is beautiful and well-planned. The classrooms are large and light. Pupils study different subjects there: Russian, Belarusian, English, Spanish, French, German, Literature, Mathematics, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Music. All the classrooms are well equipped. Besides, we have two computer classes, three gyms, a carpenter's workshop and a tool workshop, two home economics rooms — one for cooking and another for sewing. As you see we have all facilities to acquire computer and trade skills, and to go in for sports.

Our school provides high quality education, so that all our pupils have the opportunity to achieve their potential.

On the ground floor one can see two canteens for junior and senior pupils and a library. In the canteens we have meals: breakfast and lunch. In the library there are not only textbooks, but there is fiction, newspapers and magazines.

Our Assembly Hall is on the first floor. It is as large and beautiful as at the theatre. Different festivals, concerts, drama performances, competitions are held there.

On the second floor our video-classes, art workshops, a dance hall and Ecological Centre are situated. Different out-of-class activities are at our disposal.

Our school teachers do their best to provide pupils with wide ranging knowledge and skills. They aim to provide learning for the new millennium and we appreciate it.

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