My family / Моя семья

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Dear Ann!

I have read your letter at "e-mailfriends" and would like to make friends with you! Let me introduce myself. My name is Hans. I live in Berlin. I am 20. I live with my parents. My mother is a doctor. When I feel bad, she is the first to help. I also love her apple pie, which she makes every Sunday. Cooking is her hobby. My father is a teacher His hobby is working in a little garden in front of our house. As my future profession is agronomist, I help him look after the trees and flowers. My younger brother Nick is not fond of nature. He spends ail his free time with his computer. We are both students. We study at the same university. We are all different, but when we gather together on Sundays, we can talk for hours. We discuss our family needs and plans for the future. I think we are a united and friendly family!

I would like to know more about your family!

Yours, Hans


to make friends — познакомиться
Let me introduce myself — позвольте представиться
the first to help — первый, кто приходит на помощь
a doctor — врач
cooking — приготовление еды
hobby — хобби
to spend (all) one's free time — проводить (все) свое свободное время
to gather together — собираться вместе
for hours — часами
to discuss — обсуждать

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