Youth culture in Ukraine / Молодежная культура в Украине

The independent Ukraine is a rather young state. That’s why young people play a very important role in its development. Young people in Ukraine have their hopes, hobbies and problems, as in any other country.

Among the first wishes of any young person in Ukraine is education. It is not easy nowadays to receive a good education in Ukraine. But many young people enter colleges and universities. They want to become good specialists in their fields and find a good job. But many young people do not only study at the university. They also visit different clubs and organizations. Almost every university has its own team of the "Joyful and Smart" (KVN). Some young people do sports and even play in the university sports teams. That helps them to be more organized and make new friends.

Some young people do research work at the universities. There exist "Young Scientists’ Councils" at almost every university. Young people may discuss their research work here. Besides, there some young people become members of the club "What? Where? When?" at their universities. It helps them to know more in different fields.

A lot of young people become members of political and youth organizations. They help other people to solve their problems. Many of them reconstruct historical monuments and churches. Most of such young people work as volunteers. But such work helps them to respect other people and their views, help them in a difficult situation. I am sure, that Ukrainian youth will bring our country to a better future.


independent — независимый

the "Joyful and Smart" — KBH

"Young Scientists’ Councils" — совет молодых ученых

research — исследование

a volunteer — волонтер

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