My flat - Моя квартира

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I live in Yakubov street in a nine-storeyed block of flats. Our flat is on the ninth floor. It's a four-room flat with all the modern conveniences.

As I have already said, there are four rooms in our flat: a living-room, my parents' bedroom, my study and my sister's room. Our living-room isn't large. In the evening we stay here together watching TV, listening to music, talking or discussing family problems. There is a TV-set there, a sofa, four armchairs, a piano and a wall-unit. On the floor and on the wall there are carpets, because we like when it's warm and cosy in the room.

In my study there is a writing table near the window, two chairs and a bookcase. Besides, there are shelves with audio-cassettes, CDs, books and souvenirs. I've got a computer and a CD-player. On the walls there are some pictures. But what makes my room interesting is my air fleet of planes. They hang on strings over your head. There are different types of airplanes there: helicopters, sport planes, fighters, bombers, passenger planes and old models. Besides, I've got a model airport, which I have made with my own hands. It's a special attraction to my cousin.

My parent's and my sister's rooms are different. They reflect their tastes, hobbies and the way of life. In my parents' room there are a lot of books and souvenirs. My mother keeps all the things I and my sister made ourselves. My sister made a lot of toys: teddy bears, cats, horses and other animals. She is crazy on horses that's why in her room there are many beautiful posters of horses on the walls.

I can say a lot about my flat. But to make a long story short, I must say, there is no place like home. Speaking about our home I don't mean a flat as it is. I mean people who are dear to me, who love me and are always waiting for me. That's why wherever I were I would always hurry home.

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