British famous people / Британские известные люди

People usually make their country well-known to the whole world by everything they do every day. Any country and her nation are proud of those chosen few who bring fame home and are happy to say: "My country is New Zealand", or "I’ve come from Great Britain", or "I live in Canada and glorify Canada in the whole world", etc. One can meet these famous people in sports, music, theatre and cinema art, education, medicine, space programmes, journalism, TV projects and you name it.

If you take Britain, you can’t but mention British musicians. British music has a huge impact all over the world. Britain’s most famous music exports are The Beatles, 4 lads from Liverpool without whom the world of rock and pop would never be the same. Other legendary British bands and artists include David Bowie, Queen, Sting, Duran Duran, The Who, Sex Pistols, Rolling Stones, Police, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin. The Kinks, and Elton John. Let’s not forget the Spice Girls. Where would we be without all of these?!

Britain’s musical talent doesn’t stop there. The past few years have seen Britain’s bands and artists take over the world’s musiс scene. Artists like Lily Allen Corrine Bailey Rae, Robbie Williams, Athlete, Coldplay, Gorillaz, Kasabian, The Magic Numbers, Joss Stone, Lemar, Natasha Bedingfield and KT Tunstall have taken the world by storm, showing exactly what Britain has to offer.

Now, thanks to the partnership of VisitBritain (a website suggesting different places to go in Britain) with EMI (a major music company), one can listen to any EMI artist on VisitBritain. So whether you’re into rock or pop, hip hop or reggae, you can find it here. And, if you like what you hear, you can buy the tracks online.


 those chosen few — несколько избранных людей; горстка избранных

to have a huge impact all over the world — иметь огромное влияние во всем мире

to take over the world’s music scene — завоевать музыкальные сцены мира

to take the world by storm — штурмовать мир

the partnership — партнерство

to be into smth — увлекаться чем-либо

the tracks — музыкальные дорожки, музыкальные треки

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