Ukrainian customs and traditions / Украинские обычаи и традиции

Ukraine, like every other nation has its own customs and traditions. They make Ukrainian culture unique and attract many tourists each year. It is one of the ways for them to know the country better and understand the unique Ukrainian character. Most of the Ukrainian customs and traditions are very old and may tell a lot about the history of Ukraine.

The customs and traditions of Ukraine could be divided into several groups. The first group includes familiar customs, which are connected with birth and marriage rites. Among them are, for example, celebrations of birth. The second group consists of communal customs, which mark important events in the life of the community. Among them are spring songs "vesnianky", Kupalo festival and others.

There are also very many customs, which are connected with religious holidays. One of the greatest religious holidays is Christmas. The most interesting part of Christmas traditions is connected with Christmas Eve (Sviat-Vechir). Singing Christmas carols is an old tradition. These songs express respect to the master of the house and his family. In some areas young people, who sing Christmas carols are sometimes accompanied by a puppet theatre (vertep). Vertep entertains everyone. Another greatest religious holiday is Easter. With this holiday many customs and traditions are connected. One of the most interesting of them takes place on «Passion Thursday». People visit the church and after the service return home with lighted candles. As for me, it is a symbol of purity and hope. I think, very many customs and traditions are connected with a human wish to be healthy and have good luck.


a master — хозяин

a puppet theatre — кукольный театр

to entertain — развлекать

a lighted candle — зажженная свеча

communal — общественный, общинный

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