Teenage life in Great Britain / Жизнь подростков в Великобритании

About 20 % of British teenagers leave home between the ages of 16 and 20. Some of them are students. They get help from the government (grants) or their parents to study away from home. But they go back home during their holidays, so they have not really left.

Most of the 20 % leave home because they want to get work and experience of the world. However, accommodation is a big problem. Sometimes young people share flats Jut most young people have to live in bedsitters, which are rooms you sleep and live in. These bedsitters have washing and cooking facilities. There are cases, when teenagers live in empty houses. This is called squatting. There are also hostels for the homeless. Apart from accommodation, the main problems are loneliness, getting a job and being able to do the washing, cooking, etc.

In Britain, although, it is natural for children to leave home. In fact, only 9 % of the people aged over 65 live with their children. Many older parents who cannot look after themselves have to live in old people’s homes.


to leave home — покидать дом, уезжать из дома

experience — опыт

accommodation — жилье

bedsitters — однокомнатные квартиры

squatting — проживание в доме без разрешения и оплаты аренды

hostels for the homeless — общежития для людей, не имеющих жилья

loneliness — одиночество

to look after smb — ухаживать за кем-то, присматривать за кем-то

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