Big cities in the United Kingdom / Большие города в Великобритании

There are many big cities in the United Kingdom. The most famous of them is, of course, London. London is the capital city of England and of the United Kingdom, with the population of about 8—9 million people. It is the largest city in Britain and one of the largest in the world. London has a number of centres. Each of them has its distinct character. The financial and business centre is called the City, the shopping and entertainment centre is in the West End. The government centre is in Westminster. The most famous and the oldest buildings in London are Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament (an example of the 19th century gothic architecture), St. Paul’s Cathedral (the second largest church in Europe), Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London.

Ed burgh is the capital of Scotland. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. There are many places of historical interest in the city. One of them is the Royal Palace of Hollywood House. It is the official residence of the Queen of England, when she comes to Scotland. The finest street in Edinburgh and the main shopping centre is Prince’s Street. Here is the monument of Walter Scott, the famous writer of historical novels. Not far from it is the National Gallery of Scotland. Edinburgh also an important centre of cultural life. And each year, in late August and early September there is a festival of music and drama in the city. This festival is famous all over the world.

Cardiff is the modern national capital of Wales. Its population is about 280 000. It is one of the largest industrial cities of the country. It is the heart of the Welsh coal and steel industries. Cardiff also has an important shopping centre. Belfast is the capital city of Northern Ireland Belfast is a modern city, a city of the 19th century and of the industrial revolution. The most famous buildings in the city are the huge Law Courts and the Protestant Cathedral. The three public parks give excellent views across the sea and the city. There are many other big and famous cities in the United Kingdom, which are worth seeing.


a population — население

distinct — отчетливый

entertainment — развлечение

huge — огромный

worth — достойный

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