My best friend / Мой(я) лучший(ая) друг (подруга)

Текст средней сложности — My best friend / Мой лучший друг

Let me tell you about mv best friend. His name is Yuriy. We have known each other for ages. We live in the same town and went to the same school. Now we study at the same university And though we study at different faculties, we see each other almost every day. My best friend is the first to come and support me in any difficult situation. We have a lot in common. We both do sports regularly. That's because we want to be strong and look handsome. We really look very much alike. We have short dark hair, grey eyes and a sport figure. We also have many similar features of character: we are merry, smart and active.

As Yura is an easy going person, he can easily make friends with anyone He likes communicating with new people. Yura likes travelling. We often visit new places, especially in summer. We have already been to the Crimea, Poltava and Lvov. This year we plan to visit the Carpathian Mountains. Yura's hobby is computer games. He can spend hours in the virtual world. As for me, I like the Internet, where I find interesting information and make friends with people all over the world. But my best friend lives in Ukraine. I am glad I have such a friend as Yura.


for ages — очень давно 
though — хотя
to support — поддерживать
to have a lot in common — иметь много общего
to play sports — заниматься спортом
a trait of character — черта характера
easy-going — общительный
travelling — путешествия
all over the world — по всему миру

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