My family / Моя семья

Текст средней сложности — My family / Моя семья

Dear Hans!

Thank you for your letter! I will answer your questions about my family with pleasure. Today is Sunday, so we are all together. It is raining, that's why we are all sitting in the living room. My Mom is reading. She is a teacher of literature, so she reads a lot. She is a slim woman of about 40. Her pupils like her for she is an easy­ going and a kind person. Reading is her hobby. Besides, she is fond of cooking. When
we gather together after a working day, there is always something tasty on the table. My father helps her sometimes with the house work. He is a doctor and has very little free time. He works a lot. When I was a child, I often visited him at the hospital and saw him at work. He always listens attentively to his patients and gives them his advice. His patients trust him and that makes his work easier. He decided to become a doctor, because his father, my grandfather, was a doctor too. They look very much alike. All my grandparents are retired now. They all live in the village, where my parents come from. They are happy to see the entire family when we come to them. We have many relatives. My aunts, uncles, and cousins live in different parts of Ukraine. On holidays we often gather together and have a very good time!

Yours, Ann


readily — с готовностью
all together — все вместе
slim — стройный
easy-going — легкий в общении
tasty — вкусный
the house work — домашние хлопоты
attentively — внимательно
to be very much alike — быть очень похожим
to be retired — быть на пенсии
to come from — быть родом из
relative (s) — родственник (и)

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