Great Britain and Ukraine's culture ties / Культурные связи Великобритании и Украины

Текст средней сложности — Great Britain and Ukraine's culture ties / Культурные связи Великобритании и Украины

Culture ties between any nations are clearly seen when the nations' cultures work hand in hand. Great Britain and Ukraine's culture work is not an exception. Since 2004, both nations have been working in the following public domains of the society, as journalism and the media productions.

According to the official website of the British Council in Kiev, the representatives of the British Council have put into practice a project on journalism in Ukraine. The purpose of this project is to raise the standards of formal journalistic training at Ukrainian universities by introducing modern methodology of teaching ethics and values in journalism. To support the project, a number of activities have been offered. For example: 1) creation of an expert group out of well-known journalists; 2) lectures and announcement of a tender for the development of the manual on Ethics in Journalism; 3) producing, publishing and disseminating of the book for university lecturers and students on Ethics in Journalism; 4) conduction of three 2-day seminars for journalism lecturers (90 lecturers from all over Ukraine) to introduce the new book and new methods of journalism ethics training; 5) discussion of journalistic training reform, etc.

As a result of the project on Ukrainian journalism the Regional Journalistic Consolidation Campaign has been introduced. The purpose of the Campaign is to assist Ukrainian media self-organisation initiatives in tackling the following issues, as: the media harassment, censorship, editorial pressure, ethics, public dialogue, employee rights and freedom of the press. The Campaign has presupposed to practise such activities as: 1) training in organizing regional trade unions; 2) training ethics and the press freedom events (series of meetings with local journalists and authorities discussing cases of pressure on the media; legal workshops; round tables on ethics in journalism), etc.

Another project to deepen culture ties between Great Britain and Ukraine has relation to the media productions. In fact, the project is about introducing regulation of editorial policy into the electronic and print mass media. The purpose of the project is to increase and strengthen the level of: journalists' professional standards in Ukraine. The project has been carried out through the course of training and series of workshops. During the training session the participants can learn how to develop the drafts of the editorial policy agreements. They can develop their skills of conducting negotiations for the introducing editorial policy regulation and organise a public awareness campaign about the introduction of editorial agreement in the broadcasting and printed mass media.

In the way of summing up, Great Britain and Ukraine have been doing a great piece of work concerning positive development of journalism and the media productions in both countries. For this is due to journalism and the media productions that the British and Ukrainians can find out more about their cultures.


public domains — публичные сферы (жизни общества)

to raise the standards of smth — повысить стандарты чего-либо

to support smth — поддержать что-то

an announcement — объявление; анонс

the manual on Ethics in Journalism — пособие по этике в журналистике

disseminating of the book — распространение книги

to assist smb in tackling smth — помочь кому-то в решении чего-то

the media harassment and censorship — медиапреследование (информационное) и цензура

editorial policy — редакторская политика

to conduct negotiations for smth — проводить переговоры для чего-то


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