My favourite season and weather / Мое любимое время года и погода

Текст средней сложности — My favourite season and weather / Мое любимое время года и погода

The four seasons of the year are beautiful and pleasant. Summer is the most colourful season. There are a lot of flowers at this time. It is the best time to travel, to spend several weeks at the seaside or in a village. Autumn brings all kinds of fruits and vegetables. We may also enjoy some warm and pleasant days in September. Winter covers everything with glittering snow. Making a snowman and playing snowballs are among hobbies of many children and grown-ups. But everything and everyone waits impatiently for spring. Spring is the favourite season for many people.

As for me, I like spring for its first warm days. When the snow begins to melt and streamlets can be seen everywhere in the streets, the air becomes fresh and it is filled with aroma of flowers. The sky looks extremely blue and the first tiny leaves begin to appear. The ground is covered with fresh green grass and the first spring flowers. The sun shines brightly and the warmth brings new hopes and joy. People feel younger and stronger. When the days become warm enough we may have a walk in the woods or by the river, play ball-games, lie in the sun and even have a swim. It is my favourite season, because it always brings new hopes and expectations, new joys and a lot of fun.


to cover — покрывать
glittering — сверкающий
snowballs — снежки
a streamlet — ручеек
expectations — надежды

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