My plans for the future / Мои планы на будущее

My name is Sergey. I study at the university. I am a prospective lawyer. I have wanted to become a lawyer since I was 15. Now I am a university student and work hard in order to become a good specialist. In a year I will graduate from the university and start my own career. I think a lot about this moment, and about further opportunities.

A lot of my friends plan to go abroad and start their career there. Some of them do not want to return home. As for me, I would like to become a successful lawyer in my country and will do my best to realize my dream. I plan to work after classes at the university and consult students and teachers of other faculties, if they need juridical help. I want to gain experience and refine my knowledge this way. When I have my diploma, it could be easier for me to find a good job.

I hope to have a successful career. Along with that, I would like to have my own house and buy a car. Then I could travel abroad during my vacation and see the cities, I have only dreamed about. These are Prague and Vienna. It would be nice to stay for some time in these beautiful cities. It would be nice to travel there with my family. If I realize all my plans, I will become happy. And then, perhaps, I will plan something new for future.


prospective — будущий
an opportunity — возможность
to go abroad — поехать за границу
juridical — юридический
to refine — усовершенствовать
vacation — отпуск

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