Press is the Mirror of Current Events - Пресса это зеркало текущих событий

Топик средней сложности — Press is the Mirror of Current Events - Пресса это зеркало текущих событий

Every day millions of newspapers and magazines are published all over the world. Now it's difficult to say how many different newspapers and magazines are issued in our country. The list of their titles may seem endless. There are different national and local papers, dailies and weeklies, some that are issued three times a week and even monthlies. They satisfy different interests and tastes.

People subscribe to various papers and magazines, but they have one common aim. People want to know what is going on in the world, in the country, city, town or village, what people are anxious about. That's why newspapers and magazines inform the readers of the current events and home and international affairs. They inform the readers of all important developments, give full attention to the most important national and international affairs, carry commentaries on the most interesting events. There are also articles on sports, art, music, new books. There are interviews with well-known people and celebrities. Everything printed corresponds to people's interests.

As our press is democratic, following the principle of freedom of speech, it makes readers acquainted with different opinions on various problems.

As for me, I subscribe to «Computer News». It's a weekly for specialists and entrepreneurs. In Britain such newspapers are called quality newspapers, because they are serious and cover news thoughtfully. In «Computer News» you can find all the necessary information on computer world: new discoveries and inventions, network, software, hardware, interesting and entertaining facts, advertisements. The paper has a supplement, which contains information about the computer market: prices, sellers, types of computers and peripherals on sale.

This newspaper has a circulation of 10500. Personally I, find it useful and interesting. And if you are interested in all these things I advise you to subscribe to «Computer News» . You won't regret.

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