Youth culture in Ukraine / Молодежная культура в Украине

Youth and youth organizations play an important role in the development of the independent Ukraine. Ukrainian youth gets more and more active. Young people want to be leaders of the society. They are ready to take responsibility for the future of their country. They are ready to face problems and unite their efforts in order to solve them. Our youth is similar to the youth abroad. Young people in Ukraine have their hobbies, problems, and expectations.

One of the modern hobbies of young people in Ukraine is sport. More and more young people do sports in their free time. Their aim is to keep fit, be more organized and disciplined. There are many sports clubs, sports grounds, stadiums in every town. Besides health sport brings a lot of fun and may help to make friends for life. Almost every school, college and university has its football or volleyball teams. Many universities organize sports competitions for their students.

There also exist interest clubs. Among them are theatre clubs. Students can develop their talents and abilities show their creative potential at the university theatre. Those, who are interested in erudition, may visit clubs "What? Where? When?" and enlarge their knowledge in different fields of science. Young scientists often become members of "Young Scientists Councils". Here they may discuss their scientific research and unite efforts in their investigations.

Many young people are politically and socially active. They are members of political parties and youth organizations, such as "the Greens", the Union of Ukrainian Youth, the Scouts. Young people learn to love their land and the world, help other people in a difficult situation, and develop their talents and abilities.


to solve — решать (проблему)

to keep fit — быть здоровым

expectations — ожидания

creative potential — творческий потенциал

an ability — способность

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