My best friend / Мой(я) лучший(ая) друг (подруга)

One cannot live without friends. It is important for every one to share the happy moments and feel sympathy and support in a difficult situation. Making friends is easy, but one needs time to call someone the best friend. I am happy to have such a person in my life. My best friend’s name is Olya. We are not very much alike but that does not matter. We understand each other and we are always ready to give a helping hand. Olya is 21 and she is a very smart person. She is one of the best students in our group. We support each other in any situation. She can easily find the right words to comfort or encourage me.

Olya is very beautiful. She has long hair, a slim figure, beautiful eyes and a charming smile. She is a kind and sincere person, open-hearted and easy-going. Her hobby is dancing. When she is on the stage, you forget everything and enjoy her dancing.

When I visit her at her home, she always cooks something tasty. I like being at her home. She has a friendly family, her mother is a wise woman, and they can easily understand each other I think they are not only close relatives but also close friends. I sometimes ask her mother for advice and she finds the right words for me. Olya takes very much after her mother, that’s why it is so pleasant to communicate with her. I am happy to have such a friend as Olya.


sympathy — сочувствие
to give a helping hand — протянуть руку помощи
to comfort — успокаивать
to encourage — ободрять
charming — обаятельный
open-hearted — искренний
a close relative — близкий родственник

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