My favourite book / Моя любимая книга

There are many good books. My parents have a big library at home, and when I have spare time I read some of the books that my parents read when they were of my age. I do not think that books written in the 19th, 18th centuries or even earlier may not be useful for a contemporary reader. There are over 300 books in our home library. Among them there are plays by Shakespeare, historical novels by Walter Scott, detective stories by Conan Doyle and many others. But sometimes, I buy a new book. Contemporary writers have their own style and manner. They write about problems that people have to face nowadays.

One of the books I have recently bought is written by a modern French writer, Francois Lelord. It is called «Hector’s Trip». It is a modern bestseller, and is already translated into several languages. It is a story of a young doctor, who decided to make a world tour in his search tor happiness. He wanted to understand what happiness means for him and whether it means the same for all people around the world. Hector meets many people on his way. Some of them look happy but the reasons for that were different. He learned that happiness does not depend on money or fame. Hector met and made many friends in different countries. He observed their way of life and came to conclusion that there are very many reasons for happiness, so that it is not possible to unite all of them. One may become happy, if they find their own answers to the questions «What is happiness?» «How I may become happy?» Hector found his own way to happiness, he understood, that he really did not have to travel so far to find it. In conclusion, I think the problems touched upon in the book could be interesting for any young person. I always advise all my friends this book to.


contemporary — современный
a conclusion — вывод
to depend on — зависеть от
fame — слава

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